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Sinne 610 retkivene  for adventurers

In Finland, the land of the midnight sun, at least 187 888 lakes wait for explorers, now also by dedicated boats.

Imagine a boating expedition in the unspoiled and tranquile wilderness!

In mid-2011 Puuvenepiste was contacted by a long-time canoeing and rowing enthousiast, he had dreamed about such an adventure for a long time. Now it was the time to turn his dream into reality.

This time the dream was a detailed one:

  • A fully decked rowing boat with room to put up a tent,
  • Two openings for the expedition members,
  • Detachable wheels for easy transport on land,
  • Lots of watertight storage space,
  • The boat had to be light, strong and good looking.

This finally resulted in a design that can be seen as cross between a traditional Savo rowing boat and a Northern Finland river boat.

"Sinne" was an eyecatcher at the Helsinki Boat Show in February 2012. The testings carried out by our adventurous customer in the summer of 2012 has proved this to be a true expedition boat.