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Sarana Oarlock - for an optimal catch

The Sarana oarlock was designed to fulfill the rules of the Finnish Rowing Association for wooden boat racing. Rules stipulate a pin type oarlock is used and feathering of the blade is not allowed. This oarlock consists of a hinged pin. Over this pin the oar, which is fitted with a nylon bushing, is fitted and locked with a hairpin style locking pin.

  • Stainless steel, strong and maintenance free construction.
  • Backlash free system gives a good feel at the catch.
  • Easy to row as the blade is automatically always at the correct angle and no attention is required to keep the blade in the right position leaving the rower free to fully concentrate on the perfect stroke.
  • Can be fitted on most boats.
  • Oar can be locked with 'hairpin' to prevent unintended release from the oarlock pin.
  • No contact between the oar and the gunwale so both oar and gunwale remains undamaged.
  • A little lubrication with Teflon spray guarantees a smooth and silent stroke.
  • Available in different sizes depending on the boat type.