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Poseidon Sliding Seat System for a smooth silent slide

The Poseidon sliding seat system was developed as an alternative for the racing shell type sliding seat system. The result is a more rugged, comfortable and low maintenance sliding seat system for rowing boats in general.

It consists of a seat with grooved rollers sliding on round stainless steel guide rails. The footrest is attached to the same rails the seat slides on. The guide rails are fixed to support beams that are mounted to the frames. No parts of the sliding seat system are mounted on the keel or floor of the boat.

  • Stepless adjustment of the footrest ensures that an optimal rowing position can be found for any rower regardless his/her size.
    A 2 meter tall 100 kg rower with shoe size 50 can still row comfortably.
  • The round guide rails do not collect sand and dirt (as the usually used groove type rails do) and are easy to clean.
  • Rugged, durable and easy to maintain.
  • The sliding seat is not locked to the guide rail and can be easily removed.
    This means that rowing clubs can have more seats per boat or people can bring their own customized seat for the most comfortable slide.
  • The Poseidon sliding seat system is easy to mount/remove.
  • The Poseidon sliding seat system can be fitted in almost every rowing boat.