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Savo 650 S  the fastest single in the 58 km Sulkava race 2012

The Savo650S is a stable, high performance wooden rowing boat with excellent tracking properties. It is a 'dry boat' and choppy water is no reason to stay ashore. The boat suits all rowers, male and female alike. Shorter lighter rowers might prefer the Savo575S.

Sprinting at speeds of over 15 km/h (8+ knots) the Savo650S can compete with most recreational shells.
Cruising at 8-10 km/h (4.3 -5.4 knots) means that day trips of 40 to 50 km can be easily achieved.

Plenty of payload and a spacy interior enable you to bring lots of gear, this makes the boat very suitable for trips of several days or weeks. A draft of only 8 cm allows you to row virtually anywhere and explore very shallow waters.