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Savo 650 Double  the fastest double in the 58 km Sulkava race 2012

The Savo650Dis an excellent high performance wooden rowing double. Like the the other boats from the Savo series, the Savo650D is a 'dry boat' and choppy water is no reason for keeping its rower ashore. There are two versions of the Savo650Double, a 3 and a 4 strake version. The 3 strake is the best choice for teams weiging in at 160 kg and more while the 4 strake is more suitable for the lighter teams up to 160 kg.

The Savo650Double (both the 3 and 4 strake) can easily be converted into a single. by fitting a third pair of oarlocks. Simply by rearranging the footboards the boat can be converted from a double into a single or the other way around within minutes. This option allows you to train even in the absence of your teammate or if you feel like going for a solo outing.

In the hands of good rowers the Savo650D can reach speeds of up to 16 km/h (almost 9 knots). Cruising at 8-10 km/h (4.3 -5.4 knots) can be means that day trips of 40 to 50 km can be easily achieved.

Plenty of payload and a spacy interior enable you to bring lots of gear, and this makes the boat very suitable for trips of several days or weeks. A draft of only 10 cm allows you to row virtually anywhere and explore very shallow waters.