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Savo 650 S  the fastest single in the 58 km Sulkava race 2012

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Quote from Clint Chase:

"In the summer of 2011 I had the chance to visit Finland and row the 650. The boat is more beautiful in person than in pictures and feels as light as the specs indicate.

We rowed tandem in choppy, windy conditions. Heading upwind felt like a hot knife through butter. The boat cut through the chop with remarkable finesse. Heading downwind felt controlled and easy.

I was most surprised in how well the boat handles rowing across the wind. I am so used to boats that want to head-up or be blown-off the wind. The 650 tracked like an arrow regardless of the apparent wind direction. I also rowed one evening solo in calm conditions and absolutely flew over the water. The boat tracked beautifully which helped correct my sloppy technique.

After two good rows it was clear to me why the Savo650 rowers are winning races in Finland. We don't have boats like this in the US, but when we do there will be a new standard set for wooden rowboats."

Clint Chase, a professional boatbuilder in Portland, Maine, USA. Clint teaches boatbuilding at The Landing School and at WoodenBoatSchool.