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Saajuu 470 mökkivene  a versatile everyday boat

Method: Glued lapstrake
Planking: Okoume marine plywood (Joubert, Lloyds approved BS1088) 9 mm 7 ply.
Frames: Laminated first grade Finnish pine or spruce.
Stem, keel:  First grade Finnish pine or spruce.
Glueing: Epoxy (West Systems)
Fasteners: Non rusting materials (RST, HST copper or nylon)
Finishing inside and outside:
Clear finish: 5 layers two component high gloss clear yacht varnish (Hempel).
Painted: 2 layers of epoxy primer followed by 3 coats of two component high gloss yacht paint (Hempel).
Oarlocks: Suomen Puuvenepiste Sarana® oarlock.
Seat: Fixed, benches at stern, midship and bow.
Oars: Lahnakoski Sisukas (2 pairs plus paddle-steering oar).
Outboard: Maximum power 3 kW (4hp).
Safety: Floatation blocks that fit under the benches. With the floatation installed the boat can be CE marked according to the Recreational Craft Directive in category D (sheltered waters).
Protection: Boat cover
Transport: Boat trolley
Note: Due to continuous development the specifications are subject to change without notice.